Run 5k VDOT Test Feb 3, 2011

Completed my 5k VDOT test yesterday.  The results were officially not bad.  My best 5k time is 21:57.  I managed to run a 22:26 yesterday.  My average pace was 7:28 per mile.  This is better than I expected since I have been focusing on increasing my run volume and not really thinking about my run […]

How to setup Garmin for Run Walk Protocol

How I setup up a Garmin workout for a Run / Walk Protocol with a 6:1 ratio.  This workout has a 10 minute warm up consisting of 5 minutes of easy running and 5 minutes of strides.  I use the strides to elevate my cadence to 90 foot strikes per minute.  The run portion is […]

Ironman Run Durability

I recently asked a 6 time Ironman finisher about how much running it takes to complete a full Ironman.  The plan my friend used has a weekly run volume that builds to 25-30 miles a week.  The long run started around 12 miles and built to a maximum of 20 miles.  Based on this information […]