Brad Wise Training Review Jan 3, 2011

TSS Goal 777 / Actual 782 Hours 8:52 Bike 102 Mile, Run 15.32, Swim zero Drama The swimming continues to give me trouble.  My combined CTL has moved back above 71 my pre-travel disaster level.  While I lost some tolerance for the workouts I seem to have snapped back to my previous training levels without […]

Brad Wise December 2010 Ironman CA 70.3 Training Plan

In December I will be using a 3 week build followed by 1 week of rest.   My rest week will have very low training load due to travel for the holidays.  This month is the second month that I am using the PMC Prediction to guide my training load. December 2010 Training Plan Goals for […]

Brad Wise Training Review Nov 15, 2011

Training data from Training Peaks WKO+ Goal 700+ TSS / Actual 671 TSS Goal CTL 65 / Actual CTL 69.2 TSB -30 Week of Nov 15th training stress was was lower than I planned.  The rain over the weekend limited my bike rides to the trainer.  I skipped my normal Sunday run to help my […]

Brad Wise Begins 2011 Triathlon Training

In 2010 I took late August and Early September as a rest period from training. This year I started to rebuild my fitness on September 13th. I am keeping the training very simple and try to get 3 workouts per sport each week. Since the bike endurance is the easiest for me to rebuild I […]

Understanding Training Stress for Half Ironman 70.3 Races

In 2010 I wanted to focus on getting faster before moving into longer distance events.  For the 2011 triathlon season I am planning to transition to longer races.  Before figuring out how to alter my training plans I started with a review of the demands of a Half Ironman event. 1.2 Swim / 56 mile […]