Brad Wise Power Profile Feb 1, 2011

To get a better indication of how my training is working in other areas I have been using the power profile test for 5 second,1 minute, 5 minute , 20 minute samples.  The test is documented in the book Power Profile from Training and Racing With a Power Meter by Hunter Allen and Andrew Coggan, […]

Brad Wise Training Review Jan 17, 2011

TSS Goal 800 / Actual 801 Hours 11:10 hours Bike 93.52 miles, Run 12.34 miles, Swim 7.4 km CTL 79.3 / ATL 107.7 / TSB –12.9 Summary Last week I was able to hit all of my workouts.  I had to make some day changes to fit workouts in. Swim This week was my second […]

Brad Wise Training Review Jan 3, 2011

TSS Goal 777 / Actual 782 Hours 8:52 Bike 102 Mile, Run 15.32, Swim zero Drama The swimming continues to give me trouble.  My combined CTL has moved back above 71 my pre-travel disaster level.  While I lost some tolerance for the workouts I seem to have snapped back to my previous training levels without […]

Brad Wise 20k TT Review January 4, 2011

I was not looking forward to the 20k TT.  My training was impossibly inconsistent through through the holidays.  My 4 day trip turned into 8 days with no training.  I put in a hard 3 days of workouts before this test.  I gave my legs a break on Monday and completed this FTP test on […]

Half Ironman Bike Intervals

Now that I am getting closer to  training to race vs. training to build my fitness I wanted to take a look at the race day requirements for the bike.  Since this is my first Half Ironman event I am planning on a conservative bike to save energy for the run.  For right now I […]