Guide to Fiesta Island Time Trials

This is a review of how I increased my average speed for a 20k TT from 19.1 to 23.8 during the 2010 triathlon season. My primary goal was to increase my average speed and decrease my time. The faster you are able to go the flatter the island will seem. This means if I am […]

Brad Wise 20k TT December 2010

Review of 20k time trial test December 7, 2010 on Fiesta Island for Brad Wise. This year I will be using a monthly 20k TT as my test set.  The 20k TT gives me a much better idea of my endurance than a 20 minute test.  I have been very focused on improving my ability […]

Fiesta Island Time Trial September 1 2010

Nothing better than a hard 30 minute time trail to complete a heavy volume training block.  This month for the San Diego Triathlon Club time trail I started with very sore legs and very tired.  I just completed a high volume 2 weeks of focused bike training. For the most part I really did not […]

Time Trial Pacing

I have been reading a new book Training and Racing with a Power Meter second edition. There is a section in the book about how to pace a time trial. According to the book basic strategy for a flat course with no wind is to hold your FTP (1 hr power) until 3 to 5 […]

Fiesta Island Time Trial August 4 2010

I have been trying to improve my bike splits.  I have been trying to make sure I practice time trials every chance I get.  I have been learning a ton from the data I collect at the San Diego Triathlon Club time trials. While these time trials are informal and not on a closed course […]