Maintain Your PowerTap SL+

Just completed some new website pages with detailed information about maintaining a Saris PowerTap SL+ cycling power meter.  Including PowerTap battery replacement for the computer, PowerTap battery replacement for the hub,  PowerTap battery life, using the PowerTap hub tool and links to PowerTap trouble shooting guides and owners manuals. PowerTap SL+

Brad Wise Training Review Nov 8, 2011

Training data from Training Peaks WKO+ Week of Nov 8th training stress was 727 TSS. This was a slight increase over last week. My goal was to reduce my training time slightly an increase the intensity of training to target 700 TSS. I ended up with around 8:43hrs of training. My CTL has increased by […]

Camp Pendleton Sprint Triathlon

Camp Pendleton is one of my favorite races.  The course has a longer bike with rolling hills.  Every year I have done the race there has been a great tail wind on the return bike making the course very fast.  Last year 1:39:48, this year 1:32:53. Last year the swim was very difficult I ended […]

Fiesta Island Time Trial August 4 2010

I have been trying to improve my bike splits.  I have been trying to make sure I practice time trials every chance I get.  I have been learning a ton from the data I collect at the San Diego Triathlon Club time trials. While these time trials are informal and not on a closed course […]