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Bike routes for San Diego

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San Diego Bike Maps

Find them at any one of the bike shops listed on SANDAG’s iCommute web site Bike Maps

Guaranteed Ride Home for just $3

For regular bike, rideshare, or train commuters, in case of emergency or illness get a taxi or rental car home for just $3. More info can be found on this link: Guaranteed Ride Home

Bikes on Transit

Bring your bike on the bus, trolley or train at no extra charge. More info can be found on this link: Bikes on Transit

Bike Lockers

Bicycle lockers are located at most transit centers and some Park and Ride lots throughout San Diego County. Lockers are free with just a $25 deposit. For more info and to check availability, go to Bike Lockers

For more general “Biking to Work” info and resources: General Info