Brad Wise Jan 2014 Power Goals

My power is looking good for January. So far this year I have not been doing structured training intervals. The increased endurance from completing Hunter Allen Getting to the next level plan combined with ridding on a new team seems to have increased my power quite well. My 20 second power is very near my […]

Brad Wise Cycling Review December 2013

Chill out and ride steady more often. Ridding steady is much easier to recover from than short surges. With added volume the ability to surge is not an issue when you need more power. Don’t test legs so much. There is no reason to check how fast you are if your training is consistent it […]

Joined New Team for 2014

I am very excited to have the opportunity to race with SkyFlash Racing, Holliday Rock p/b Zoca.  The team sponsors are outstanding and the kit looks great and I get to learn from some of the best racers in southern California. SkyFlash Racing, Holliday Rock p/b Zoca Sponsors Holliday Rock Zoca Revolution Bike Shop Focus […]

90 Days The Next Level Training Plan

Over the past 90 days I completed my first attempt at a new training plan Getting to the Next Level by Hunter Allen.  The plan called for a dramatic increase in endurance miles over the training I have done in previous years. One of the key changes was to get longer ride times around 5 […]

Tranistioning to Road Racing Power and Fatiugue Profile

Below is my first power profile since exiting base miles phase and starting to do some test races.  The injury to my left leg is holding up well this year.  I am starting to get back to my normal pre-injury power levels. I have done no structured training for 5 seconds to 30 second power.  […]