Brad Wise Jan 2014 Power Goals

My power is looking good for January. So far this year I have not been doing structured training intervals. The increased endurance from completing Hunter Allen Getting to the next level plan combined with ridding on a new team seems to have increased my power quite well.

My 20 second power is very near my goal of 1000w rising 256w. 30 second power has also gone up to 811w rising 236w. 1 minute power is still lagging 555w only rising 104w. I have not tested 5 minute or 20 minute power in months. I suspect my 20 minute power has also increased from 277w.

Next on the plan is to test my 20 minute power and update my FTP. After I have re-tested my FTP I will begin structured FTP intervals to increase my 20 and 60 minute power.

DurationTarget (W)Sept 2013 (W)Jan 2014 (W)
About Brad Wise

I am a triathlete training and racing in Southern California. I have completed over 30 triathlons including sprint, Olympic, and half ironman distances.