Brad Wise Cycling Review December 2013

  • Chill out and ride steady more often. Ridding steady is much easier to recover from than short surges. With added volume the ability to surge is not an issue when you need more power.
  • Don’t test legs so much. There is no reason to check how fast you are if your training is consistent it will pay off.
    Don’t go 100% in training no race number means you are not racing and there is no reason to tear up muscles.
  • Use the small chain ring more. Pushing the big chain ring just because you can does not make much sense depending on type of training I am doing. Stand more when climbing. Pedal evenly with no surges when standing. Just because I am standing does not mean I have to go harder.
  • Keep pace steady on hills when others are attacking in training. Let the hill do the work of fatiguing others then elevate the pace slowly.
  • 85 miles is good enough for long training rides. It is fun to ride longer sometimes, but 85 miles is long enough to gain good endurance.
  • No matter how fast of a cyclist you are be mindful of others. Take care of the people you ride with.
  • Special thanks to the SkyFlash Racing, Holliday Rock p/b Zoca Elite Team for helping me through my base miles.
About Brad Wise

I am a triathlete training and racing in Southern California. I have completed over 30 triathlons including sprint, Olympic, and half ironman distances.