90 Days The Next Level Training Plan

Over the past 90 days I completed my first attempt at a new training plan Getting to the Next Level by Hunter Allen.  The plan called for a dramatic increase in endurance miles over the training I have done in previous years.

One of the key changes was to get longer ride times around 5 hours on Saturday.  Sunday was a short easy spin 1:30 hours.  Below is a quick check of the Saturday endurance rides over the past 12 weeks.

Miles           Hours
83                  5:00     Double Great Western
87                  5:00     Great Western + bonus miles
87.9                5:00   Great Western + bonus miles
78.7                4:32    (Rest week)
76.8                4:55
99.4                4:42    (Palm Springs Century)
72.8                4:03    (First SkyFlash team ride)
79.7                4:52    (Rest week)
119                 6:35    (Second SkyFlash team ride)
81.8                5:03   Great Western + bonus mile
83.5                5:01

I ended up having a few rides that were shorter than the target of 5 hours.  However on the rest weeks I was able to easily maintain longer endurance rides and still have good recovery.  Four of the weeks I was able to exceed my climbing goals and log over 13,000 feet for the week.  I have seen a dramatic increase in 5′, 20′ and 60′ power numbers.  I also completed my first 100 mile century with an average speed of 21 mph and a time 4:41.

Lessons learned

  1. Do less intensity and longer endurance pace rides.  The ability to ride at intensity is just there once the aerobic engine is in place.
  2. Ride steady tempo do not constantly test fitness on small hills.
  3. Stick to plan and do not add more mid week rides.  If adding time extend Saturday endurance ride this will help recovery the rest of the week.
  4. Buy the plan.  After buying the plan it was very clear my implementation previously was not correct.
  5. Ridding long on Saturday and not ridding much on Sunday was better for family life.  Ridding the training for 1:30 hours on Sunday was easy to get done.
About Brad Wise

I am a triathlete training and racing in Southern California. I have completed over 30 triathlons including sprint, Olympic, and half ironman distances.